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In Love With A Killer - Psychotic!Sans x Detective!Reader

In Love With A Killer - Psychotic!Sans x Detective!Reader

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Unknown By PoisonousWritings Completed

"The vic's name is Chara Harvey, age is 23 years old," Toriel Masters said, striding back towards the house. Frisk Singer and (Y/F/N) followed after her, ducking under the fluttering police tape and dodging various police. "She works at, or should I say worked at, Mettaton's Cafe. Didn't have too many friends. She was due in for work today, and when she didn't show up her boss sent a coworker, goes by the name of Burgerpants. When he didn't get a response, he used the spare key she had left at work to get in, and found her." Toriel opened the door, moving like a breeze. She led the two into the living room, while her partner and husband, Asgore Masters, cleared out the room. He was blocking the body from immediate view, but (Y/N) could easily see the blood. 

In fact, the walls and ceiling were covered in the dark red liquid. (Y/N) moved closer to one of the stains, catiously sniffing them in the hopes it wasn't what it seemed; but no, the smell had been filling her nose since the last...

BryannaWolf BryannaWolf Mar 18
Well fück a duck sans cuz u aren't getting any bad times here
okayxit okayxit Dec 04, 2016
Hmmmm, who could of killed Chara? *Sarcasm*
                              sAnS yOu pIn hEad
MonochromePetals MonochromePetals Nov 20, 2016
I dont know
                              Probably whoever reaps the dead
                              **looks away and hides scythe like nothing ever happend and sips tea**
I always knew what (y/n) was but the first fanfic I read I always said yuna when I read it but I automatically put my oc's name now
                              I always use my oc for x readers
MonochromePetals MonochromePetals Nov 20, 2016
Panchara©! A great start for a new day! Delicious in every way!
f-ing sherlock
                              am i the only one who doesn't like sherlock?