Love To Remember (Chris Brown)

Love To Remember (Chris Brown)

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Sanyria Railee Gray . (Sa-Ny-Ree-A)

"Inmate 12875476." I called unlocking the huge gate for the inmate to exit.

He slowly rose from the bunk moving as slow as his legs could possibly allow him to. With this inmate this is an everyday thing and everyday I have to curse him out just to remind him that I do not play that. 

"Move your slow ass feet! I don't have all day for this."

He smiled coming out of the cell allowing me to handcuff his hands behind his back. I slid the big gate close letting it automatically latch locked. Roughly pushing him down the hallway a throaty chuckle sounded.

"You know I like when you rough with me Officer Gray."

"Shut the hell up."

I handed him off to one of my co-workers so that I am able to clock out and head home.

"Thank you Officer Marion." I sighed.

"No problem Gray. Go ahead and go home you've been here all night."

"I really appreciate you doing this for me."

"You know I always got you." He smiled.

I smiled back before nearly running towar...

OgPimpDaddy OgPimpDaddy Nov 13, 2016
Ion like lightskinsa either but chris ass is finer than a mf, fytv
Tupac and Nas😻😻😻 Dark chocolate and milk chocolate🍫🍫💖💋👑🙌🙈
lakenyans lakenyans Feb 06
Clearly something wrong with your eyes. Go get them checked ASAP Sis
OgPimpDaddy OgPimpDaddy Nov 13, 2016
I remember when I was watching CB spray paint or some shitt on YouTube and his dog name was DeeDee, boy when I tell u I felt like man of the year. Even tho it was a dog 😐
OgPimpDaddy OgPimpDaddy Nov 13, 2016
This would be me.. i think im bout the only 18 yr old that knows nothing about Jordans ...
maythegreatttt maythegreatttt Nov 26, 2016
My mom got my cousin his autograph before because she was so obsessed with him 😭😂