Te amo~ Chat Nior X reader!

Te amo~ Chat Nior X reader!

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Writer & typer By missing_melody- Updated Jul 13, 2016

(y/n) (l/n) just moved from Spain to Paris! The city of love a passion
She enters a new school. New friends,bullies,and crushes 
How can she survive the wonders of Paris and its people?
What's this necklace she finds? How can she control everything at once?

Of course with the help of someone special

Chat Noir

  • adrien
  • ayla
  • chatnoir
  • chloe
  • ladybug
  • merculus
  • merinette
  • sabrina
Sorry. It's gonna bother me. Plz don't get mad, but... *inhales* WHERES DA PUNCTUATION?!?!?!
Am I the only one who can only speak English, I am also very good at jibberish
KyleJLake KyleJLake Oct 17
I know English, am being forced to learn Spanish in school, and am trying to learn German on my own.
Spanish is my first language. English my second and my third is talking to myself in both :v
When I read the tine skip all I could think of was the time Where the bubbler put ladybug and Chat Noir in a bubble and the face He makes when she says
guadituli guadituli Dec 26, 2016
I know how to speak spanish puurrfectly. After all ia my original language