Te amo~ Chat Nior X reader!

Te amo~ Chat Nior X reader!

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Writer & typer By missing_melody- Updated Jul 13, 2016

(y/n) (l/n) just moved from Spain to Paris! The city of love a passion
She enters a new school. New friends,bullies,and crushes 
How can she survive the wonders of Paris and its people?
What's this necklace she finds? How can she control everything at once?

Of course with the help of someone special

Chat Noir

ReverseThePolarity ReverseThePolarity Mar 15, 2016
Español es mi primer idioma, por eso, yo lo hablo perfecto. I speak English too, working on French~
guadituli guadituli Dec 26, 2016
I know how to speak spanish puurrfectly. After all ia my original language
vernonispapi vernonispapi Nov 07, 2016
Yo se como hablar español por que es mi idioma principal y despues es ingles.
LapisandSapphire LapisandSapphire May 14, 2016
Just gonna tell you that you wrote the title wrong. It's Ti amo not Te. I'm not trying to be rude so plz don't kill me. I just know a bit of Italian so I can keep up with someone who is
MyLifeInEmojis MyLifeInEmojis Mar 30, 2016
I speak Polish and English. I'm Learning German. I knows little bit of Spanish and Greek.
nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Apr 08, 2016
I'm born Spanish. I was born Hispanic. So I may know cuss words in Spanish. Hehe!