Keep Your Cool

Keep Your Cool

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She was only eight when her mother passed away.

With no suitable guardians, Paige was sent to live with Mino's family. Every night, Mino was there to care for her while she cried in her sleep. He was like the best friend she never had.

As they got older, Paige's tears dried out and Mino was forced to direct his overflowing love towards new romantic relationships he developed. When those relationships came to a tragic end- which they often did- Paige was there to wipe his tears as he had done for her.

As soon as his next relationship came around, Paige took a step back and imagined a future where she didn't have to endure the heartbreak. 

To her, it seemed like every second she saw Mino was another opportunity to lose her cool.

    Molnlin Molnlin May 12
    And when you look like that, I never ever wanted to be so bad, oh, and it drives me wild. (driving me wild)
    floweryflowerygirly floweryflowerygirly Oct 02, 2016
    Leave this blue neighbouhood, never knew loving could hurt this good, oh, and it drives me wild.
    sineaad sineaad Nov 08, 2016
    I once went on a three day car ride to Orlando, Florida from Quebec, Canada.
    incendia- incendia- Apr 05, 2016
    this sounds absolutely beautiful. i don't even have read any more than   this in order to know how good your writing is. i'm pretty excited for this :)
    FlyOverSky FlyOverSky Feb 07, 2016
    These friends are so rare... so freaking rare I'm still searching on eBay for one
    citygates citygates Jan 04, 2016
    This was really good. And the part where they were gossiping nearly broke my heart. Those bastards :'(