The Two Bosses

The Two Bosses

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White Chocolate By snowspraygirl Updated Dec 31, 2016

I just walked back into my office when I heard a painful groan and the sound of my name coming from my bosses office. I barged in thinking it was an emergency. 

I didn't expect the both of them to be completely naked with Jared on his knees while sucking Xavier's dıck who was moaning my name.

I gasped, causing both their eyes to turn towards me.

niallersbluequeen niallersbluequeen Oct 12, 2016
😱😱😱😱 *crickets* *take out phone take a picture* "I QUIT"😅😅✌*runs out and hits head on the door*...
KreativeKhaos KreativeKhaos Aug 12, 2016
DIMFF actually 😍
                              Death is Nick Bateman and Faith is Alexandra D.
DezSoNice DezSoNice Jul 20, 2016
I'd Say I'm just gunna lock the door, ok now LETS CONTINUE!!!!
jenny1011hope jenny1011hope Jul 05, 2016
I would be like....
                              " uhhhhh.....DAYUM!! but I gotta go. See ya!"
Werewolf_Blood123 Werewolf_Blood123 Sep 11, 2016
YESSSS NICK BATMAN!!! I imagine him as EVERY main character's lover.
Carmela400 Carmela400 Aug 04, 2016
Well uhhhhhh it's been nice working here but......*sprints down the hallway*