Wild wolves

Wild wolves

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Wolves live in natural packs many of them have tiny bits of human DNA in them that has slowly dwindled to a speck.

These wolves have collars for tracking that soon with go to micro chips. The tracking is to get the population count. As soon as a pup is born and is known of by the humans they come to collar it.

Wolves dwindle in areas through out the world. They are now constantly taking a female and the male of a same pack and making them interment to make more puppy's in another part of the world. 

It's rare for two wolves of different packs to be chosen for one can be wild and not take a mate from there pack. They will keep the two together in a cage during transport and a small inclosed space to fight it out

Two are taken to someplace unknown to themselves as they try to fight out the mating and submission.

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