The Boxer & The Badass (Dinah/You)

The Boxer & The Badass (Dinah/You)

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You're a boxer, an amazing boxer. You've only been knocked out once in your entire career. When you're not in the boxing ring you're just a senior in high trying to make it through your last year. When you're not fighting some chick who wants to rearrange your face you're fighting off girls at your school. You enjoy the attention but when it comes to girls you're super shy but there is one girl who catches your attention.

Dinah Jane Hansen. The school badass. You guys are like night and day. She's rich you're poor. You're humble and she's arrogant. You do everything you can to avoid her.

But what happens when one of your teacher forces you to help Dinah get her grades up?

HazelVoid HazelVoid May 22
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redeb21 redeb21 Aug 10
In NY working for sanitation or as a garbage is the dream job the pay is amazing and you get city benefits, you are basically set for life the same with bus and train operators
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