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Watching the show Miraculous ladybug

Watching the show Miraculous ladybug

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itstoughtobeagod By itstoughtobeagod Updated Dec 07, 2016

During the middle of a fight with a villain names the author the characters from the show are transported to a theater where they get to watch a show about there life. Revelations, romance, drama and surprises and watching the show fic! I don't own the show or even the idea just my take on how they would react. So people stop trying to steal my story! please I work hard to write these.

~Meanwhile, on the roof~
                              *Sombra turns visible and and starts giggling*
                              Author: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!
                              *Author picks up Sombra and Sparta kicks her through the 4th wall*
Does anyone else get reminded of Lucio when he says this? No? Maybe pulling an all-nighter just to play Overwatch wasn't a good idea.
                              AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW YEEEEEAAAAAHHH!!!!
"Your stick there!"
                              "Got it!"
                              Must... stop.. dirty..... mind! Yea, I failed.
I would be 96.86% sure because, then, I can say that there is a 3.14% that it is a word.
She gets paid $55 per Akuma attack and $10 for every patrol. Pretty good deal, if you ask me.
Sorry, I didn't see you there. I was just, hmm, blocking out the hater!