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Kidnapped By A Billionaire (BWWM)

Kidnapped By A Billionaire (BWWM)

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GummieBears7 By GummieBears7 Updated Feb 13

Annie is a 23 year old African American that grew up having a tough life. She grew up raising herself and her sister. If she wanted something she had to work for it. Despite her life she is sweet, caring, beautiful, but also has an attitude.

Valentino is 25 year old billionaire that had everything growing up. He was handed everything he wanted. He was stubborn, smart, sexy, and rude.

So why would a man that can have have anything in the world go for a girl struggling to make a decent home for herself and sister?

I thought his was Valentina and I was like 'Thats a girls name' So i had you go back and read it again :P
Karitempo222 Karitempo222 Dec 06, 2016
Tbh I would have put myself out the way of helping my employees keep their jobs no matter the risks
BookBoss4 BookBoss4 Aug 26, 2016
First off aww poor kid no one should ever think that  and secondly why is she alone???
HopeLoveandMindless HopeLoveandMindless Oct 05, 2016's too early to be making him this crazy and it's not a good choice to make this character this unlikable so early on. I mean u can make them frustrating but if u want your audience to root for him later, you're not doing him any favors atm
sketch522 sketch522 2 days ago
Everyone is commenting "I'm black" I'm just here like "Urm, I'm white"
sxmzidane1200otf sxmzidane1200otf Jul 24, 2016
I'm going to totally eat this book alive just because she's black and French first book I've seen in wattpad that relates to me  if only she were from the islands 😥