Undeniable Love

Undeniable Love

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Alexander Rodriguez. A powerful business man of the Los Angeles. He has it all. Anything and everything he wants. He is powerful and unstoppable. He is devilishly handsome with good looks. Although he can have anything, he feel this very undeniable pull towards her, his "Little One", Kiara Night. She has him trapped and wrapped him around her finger from the first time he saw her. No one knows it. Even he didn't realize it himself.

Kiara Knight. A very beautiful, lovely, bubbly, feisty and spoiled princess of her family. Being the only girl with six possessive brothers made her a drama queen. She is just out of college and is about to start a new life with her boyfriend like she wanted. But all her plans goes down the hill when her parents announces that she has to live two months with the one person whom she always feels intimidated and feels a very great pull towards him. The one who takes her breathe away with one look in her eyes. Alexander Rodriguez.

When two thumping hearts, live under one roof, anything can happen. Fire may ignite, creating an Undeniable Love between them.

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KeepingupwithShushu KeepingupwithShushu Mar 13, 2017
FYI this book is written by Francis Ray a actual author, and african american author its called undeniable
Is there a prequel to this book that I don't know of cos I'm hella confused
CamiiGayle7 CamiiGayle7 Apr 11
This to me is like he's a pervert
                              They have a 12 years gap if she is just a baby when he 12 and he's talking about twitch in eyes and all these things it's weird asf
CamiiGayle7 CamiiGayle7 Apr 11
Wth is going on Author you need tp edit this change the plot or something because this is complicated asf
😂😂😂😂 he fell in love with her when she was a baby
nikeegandhii nikeegandhii Sep 21, 2017
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