Fast Enough ⌁ Barry Allen [1]

Fast Enough ⌁ Barry Allen [1]

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ᴄ ʜ ᴀ ʀ ʟ ᴇ ɴ ᴇ By Cjc8357 Updated Feb 15, 2017

❝ I guess life has this really weird way of bringing people closer together. ❞

After years of trying to run away from her past only for it to come catching up on her, Lena Mayden finds herself back in her hometown, Central City, ready to face the fears that have been haunting her for as long as she can remember - only to be caught in the middle of an even bigger problem.

Barry Allen.

Lena knows there's more to Barry than what meets the eye, and she's determined to get answers. But in a place where enemies are made, allies are lost, secrets are unravelled, and hearts are broken; in order to find what she's looking for . . . 

She'll have to be fast enough.

[ season one | the flash ] [ © 2016-2017 | charlene diamonds ]

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MendesL0ver MendesL0ver Nov 23, 2017
This gave me like major nostalgia. This used to be my movie omg
green36531 green36531 Jul 18, 2017
This is my second favorite song from Starstruck my first is the Sunshine one
aquamera aquamera Nov 01, 2016
i'm so glad that this is
                              an actual thing because
                              i love the flash n arrow
                              so much and this whole
                              book is just wow!!!!!!