The Sex Games

The Sex Games

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justawriter_x By justawriter_x Updated Jan 26, 2017

Every year, the Capitol holds the annual Sex Games. 2 tributes, from the ages 12-18, one male and one female, are chosen from each of the 12 districts, to be a part of the Games. But what really goes down in the arena? Katniss Everdeen is about to find out all the answers to her questions.


"Please don't let it be me, please don't let it be me." I whisper quietly to myself. My heart is pounding, my face drenched in sweat.

Effie opens the slip of paper slowly, clears her throat, and speaks. 

"The ladies tribute for this years Sex Games is...."

I hold my breath.

"Primrose Everdeen!"

I freeze.


My eyes widen in realization. No... no  no no no....

I see the 12 year old girls, make way the the 12 year old tribute, my sister..... Prim....

I freeze. I need to do something. Something needs to be done.

And without thinking I run up to where Effie stands, pushing girls out of the way. 

"I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!"

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