I'm Supposed to Hate Him (a Scott x Vincent fanfiction)

I'm Supposed to Hate Him (a Scott x Vincent fanfiction)

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Bins Curtis By Fazbear101 Updated Mar 12

Scott is just a normal guy, living a normal life and totally (NOT) pining over his good friend Vincent. Things are normal between them, except a fated encounter with a drunk Scott leads Vincent to believe Scott likes him a LITTLE bit more than "just friends." And after another fated encounter, this time ending in tragedy with Scott's best friend Mike in the hospital after being Spring-locked, they both start to unravel the mystery with their coworkers Jeremy and Fritz, and find what true love really is. If true love exists.

"Fritz, why am I such a screw up?"

"Don't ask me, I didn't go up to my crush and admit my feelings to him after drinking seven beers and shoving my face with chocolate."

"Hey, it was good chocolate, don't be mean."


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LoveIsAScam LoveIsAScam Jan 22
I don't know why but I believe that mangle did it. There's a bunch of evidence to prove it but I don't want to type it all out. This is just a theory so this might not be true but it's what I believe. It's kinda like religion but not like religion, it's hard to explain.
H3R_aga1n H3R_aga1n Dec 30, 2017
Mike, you better watch out! Scott will make you die of death
LoveIsAScam LoveIsAScam Jan 22
What about the star on her forehead, I mean his. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm so mean.
Am I the only one who sees as soon as Scott leaves, Marshmellow is going to throw that boe off and binge watch TV and much on that left over chicken?
                              Lol just me?
Sabmarault Sabmarault Mar 08, 2017
I-I think you meant
                              "I will kill you so hard you will die to death"......but it was still a great first chapter.
He might be a space princess but at least he has, SPACE UNICORNNNNNNN