I'm Supposed to Hate Him (a Scott x Vincent fanfiction)

I'm Supposed to Hate Him (a Scott x Vincent fanfiction)

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Bins Curtis By Fazbear101 Updated Aug 03

Scott is just a normal guy, living a normal life and totally (NOT) pining over his good friend Vincent. Things are normal between them, except a fated encounter with a drunk Scott leads Vincent to believe Scott likes him a LITTLE bit more than "just friends." And after another fated encounter, this time ending in tragedy with Scott's best friend Mike in the hospital after being Spring-locked, they both start to unravel the mystery with their coworkers Jeremy and Fritz, and find what true love really is. If true love exists.

"Fritz, why am I such a screw up?"

"Don't ask me, I didn't go up to my crush and admit my feelings to him after drinking seven beers and shoving my face with chocolate."

"Hey, it was good chocolate, don't be mean."


Sabmarault Sabmarault Mar 08
I-I think you meant
                              "I will kill you so hard you will die to death"......but it was still a great first chapter.
Fazbear101 Fazbear101 Jan 28, 2016
Guys, I'm SO SORRY that I haven't been updating. School, sports, home stuff, I just can't balance it all out. I'm trying to do the best that I can, but I'm working on another story, too, and it's just so hard.
PhoneGuy_XP PhoneGuy_XP Feb 17
Are we sure this is a dog named marshmallow? Or is this Toby fox?
- - Nov 23, 2016
"I will die you so hard you die to death"
                              BEST QUOTE OF THE YEAR! FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!