{Editing} Betrayed... Then Death...( Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

{Editing} Betrayed... Then Death...( Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

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After a mission he was sent on ... He returned home, to Camp Half-Blood.  When he got there he was meet by Annabeth kissing a boy  (named Hunter Walker, as Percy learned)  and his friends egging them on to kiss more.


     DISCLAIMER:  I did not write any of the  Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus book. Those Books are written by Rick Riordan! 
   This book is just a Fan Fiction
     Again I don not Own Percy Jackson or the Heroes of Olympus books!!!!

[Under editing]

I'm sorry ma'am, but I just can't seem to get over this; Agreeance is definitely not a word. Instead you should edit it to be "Agreement"
When a person talks it's supposed to start a new paragraph. It also makes it a little easier to read
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Me:* raises an eyebrow * and what were you doing behind a tree?
                              Both: uhhhhhhh
*heart breaks* nothing can fix me
                              *solangelo comes in* I FEEL ALRIGHT  I'M GONNA TAKE ON THE WORLD LIGHT UP THE STARS I'VE GOT SOME PAGES TO TURN
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Wow... you k ow your a child at heart, when you see this and immediately think of toy story...😂😂😂
                              THEN SOLANGELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
                              THEN YOU GOT A FRIEND IN ME