Sad boy ☹ Phan

Sad boy ☹ Phan

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Luna By mythicalgalaxy Completed


dan howell, a sad boy, living in a sad city, with a sad life. the world to him seemed dismal and dull.

that was until he stumbled across phil lester, a happy boy in an unfortunate position. dan suddenly realises, that this boys positivity, is impacting him more than he had anticipated. 

phil started to change dan's way of living,

and he changed dan's life- forever. 


Contains strong language, scenes of violence, drugs and self harm. There are trigger warnings in areas which may be triggering, but please take caution when reading, your safety is important :) .

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90PercentInsane 90PercentInsane Dec 15, 2017
Goddamn the three words to summarize me: Worthless, mentally unstable, and alone.
-svndvls -svndvls Sep 28, 2017
have you no manners, danyul? the least you can do is pay for the stuff.
lonely__writer__ lonely__writer__ Jul 01, 2017
Actually not me. I once got surrounded by over 20 boys grinding into me and it was so awkward I wish they would leave me alone
Mynameisnotdan Mynameisnotdan Oct 09, 2017
hi friends im reading this
                              a e s t h e t h i c c  p h a n t h i c c