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Drarry One Shots (Completed)

Drarry One Shots (Completed)

11.4K Reads 415 Votes 6 Part Story
U N I C O R N By UnicornErica Completed

***I don't own the cover art, it's just a photo I found online and I added a title to it*** 
I hope you guys enjoy ^.^ Lol I'm probably not going to get any reads anyway :)

Well then....I'm defiantly not laughing in a corner at 10 trying not to wake up my family.....
OK,that last part was cuweird (cute + weird),but if this turns into smut...
                              *opens a window*
                              I'm prepared.
LindaThetford LindaThetford Dec 24, 2016
God bless hermione XD because harrys mouth on....dracos neck...i i need air @_@
Storm1001 Storm1001 Aug 27, 2016
Now I imagine Harry going "well would you look at the time I'm late for uh- feeding my cat yes GOTTA GO BYE"