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Sky By Skyy_M Updated Mar 08

Finding your soulmate is a rare thing in werewolf world. those who are fortunate enough, find their significant other without much trouble. 

Marcus Novak, Alpha of the Blood Claw Pack has been looking for his mate for as long as he can remember to the point he is on the verge of giving up.

One night while patrolling his territorial borders he comes across a crashed car catching up fire.
When he moves closer to help the person, only to find out the injured person in the car is his werewolf mate and her unborn child.


Warning: May contain sexual scenes.

omamdixie omamdixie Mar 09
My mom shot herself in the head just last month literally today marks 1 month of her being gone....but yeah my dad's grandma was happy about and asked happily "did she finally do it?" So yeah that increased my hatred for my grandma
By_Sic By_Sic Mar 08, 2016
He better get it for that. Putting her baby's life at risk.😡😤
ToniannAfflick ToniannAfflick Feb 11, 2016
Damn bastards. If it was me, I would've tried tearing their head off, no matter the consequence
stratbieberkid stratbieberkid Sep 07, 2016
He's punching her in the stomach???? Omg I'm just so scared for the baby right now
stratbieberkid stratbieberkid Sep 07, 2016
I loved the first chapter, it made me really curious to know what's gonna happen next and how she's going to escape. So glad you messaged me your book because so far it's awesome