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Finding your soulmate is a rare thing in werewolf world. those who are fortunate enough, find their significant other without much trouble. 

Marcus Novak, Alpha of the Blood Claw Pack has been looking for his mate for as long as he can remember to the point he is on the verge of giving up.

One night while patrolling his territorial borders he comes across a crashed car catching up fire.
When he moves closer to help the person, only to find out the injured person in the car is his werewolf mate and her unborn child.


Warning: May contain sexual scenes.

PaigeScott0 PaigeScott0 Jun 27
How far along is she if she has a flat stomach? What trimester does the baby even have a heart?
If he's that hot guy up at the top, then I have nothing to say bcos he's daddy af👍
Girl by those beatings you're getting...there won't be a baby there soon....
I love it already and I love that you arent a professional writer and can write like one
Cabagel1 Cabagel1 Jul 06
It's a little late to be protecting the baby seeing as it just got punched.................god i am being pissy today, exuse me for a moment
Cabagel1 Cabagel1 Jul 06
So manly that u beat up the girl u impregnated, wow really impressive