Her Lost Father

Her Lost Father

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eprocell By eprocell Updated 3 days ago

Maya Hart has blue eyes. Her mother does not. Her father does not. So how does Maya Penelope Hart have brilliant blue eyes? Perhaps her life is a lie, and her father is not her father at all? So what happens when a pirate meets the daughter he never knew he had for the first time?

(Girl Meets World/Once Upon a Time Crossover Fic)

Pairings: CaptainSwan, OutlawQueen, Lucaya, and Henry and Riley. Don't have a ship name for that yet, but I'm working on it
THESE SHIPS MAY CHANGE, but probably not

WOW. I want to know more, your amazing!!! Plz update so I can read more!
It would've been 10x easier to do it in a Scottish Accent  (Scottish myself)