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Hidden Meanings (Editing)

Hidden Meanings (Editing)

108K Reads 3.5K Votes 35 Part Story
Dare Bear :3 By JamieC98 Completed

Carlyn is loud, adventurous and sneaky as hell. She loves trouble and always seems to be stuck in it... It's her crazy scheming that lead to her being locked in a room with her best friend, Amy, who is completely opposite in personality.

Amy also just so happens to be the girl who has been unknowingly conquering her heart and thoughts for years. Being stuck alone in a room together could change their relationship drastically... But will they leave with their hearts still intact?

darkvampireangel18 darkvampireangel18 Jun 24, 2016
She reminds me so much of myself saying the best friendly thing being supportive instead of being like I'm in love with you give me a chance
darkvampireangel18 darkvampireangel18 Jun 24, 2016
That should be me holding your hand that should be me kissing your lips that should be meeee
darkvampireangel18 darkvampireangel18 Jun 24, 2016
I loved wizard's of waverly place I still do when I can catch old episode's but omg Selena Gomez 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘
g4y4sf0ck g4y4sf0ck Jan 02
Little did u know u are gonna be that 'guy' that treats her like a princess
Jaz129 Jaz129 Jun 29, 2016
This is basically book tumblr so everyone loves gays nobody minds