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Black Butler X Reader Lemons

Black Butler X Reader Lemons

25.5K Reads 480 Votes 15 Part Story
hills_have_eyes By Psychedelic_AcId Updated Dec 13, 2016

Warning: Story may have girl characters in it and they will be girl on girl, but they most likely will be just flirty actions.

Masked_Vigelate Masked_Vigelate Aug 22, 2016
There was no such thing as a bra in the Victorian era. Only corsets, lol.
Phantommaid94 Phantommaid94 Jun 09, 2016
I feel bad for Lizzy, I am thankful the writer didn't put her in the story and she witness Ciel doing it with the reader.  It would break my heart.
ProGriefer ProGriefer Sep 30, 2016
Well damn Sebastian, if you wanted the tub you could've asked.....
TheSirenBeauty TheSirenBeauty Jun 12, 2016
I wish Lizzy showed up and I'd be like "he's my bitch now"! 😂😂
Hold on why is sebby being mentioned. What is going on here possible sex?! 
Ninathekiller2772 Ninathekiller2772 Jul 08, 2016
No you just thirsty why don't you drink some of that bath water