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E By CourageousReader Updated Jun 10

Luciano D' Angelo.

That was it. No birth date, no written farewells, no beloved mentioning.

All that was present was a fancy old fashioned name with a deceased date right beneath it.

C. 1940


Grace Gabriel.

A young girl with a dull vision on the world. Her perspective on life is limited.

She follows a precise routine everyday. In which she visits the towns cemetery daily, a particular grave stone that appealed to her many months ago. The town low populated and very old. 

She took it upon herself to take care of the grave and not allow it to return to its previous state. 

Thanks to her found routine, Grace also has someone to talk to. Even if the grave is dated over seventy years ago and the man is dead. 

So imagine her disappointment when the deaths in town increase and her favored grave is to be dug up and disposed of.

Now imagine finding out the next day that this particular grave was later found empty along with the cemetery keepers dead, and blood drained body?

On another not, just because someone is dead, doesn't always mean that they can't hear right?

Jesus why is everyone asking the same question. One person asked and that was enough who even gives a shït if she's snoking
You are the epitome of oddity and that's me being polite 😐
MissRows MissRows Jan 26
I've not read much, but its an interesting story. I like it. I also love the hunk of man candy on the cover. That alone is enough to make a girl sweat
HeadsMate99 HeadsMate99 Jan 29
Okay so the plot is what cought my and of course Ian Somerhalder...the book seems very interesting i hope it really is...
Is this set in an older time period? Cause that's illegal af
Nhiknock Nhiknock Feb 04
Yup. And death is a very delicate thing. So I would appreciate it if it were my grave she were tending, seeing that he's not actually dead.