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Unknown Darkness (Unrevised Version)

Unknown Darkness (Unrevised Version)

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XxJemanixX By XxJemanixX Updated Nov 12, 2012

Jessie is a teenage deliquent who is put under her aunt amandas care after her parents untimly death.  She has no idea of her parents past, and her fuiture. Jessie gets sent away to a christian academy and meets many new friends, and develops new enimies. It is her job to uncover and demolish the underground coven that threatens the existance of every human on earth. On this path she uncovers things... that should have been left barried. *Book one fo the darkness series.~Copyright story. Stealing any ideas from this story is punishable by law.~
Chapter 1 Second Story
Chapter 2 My last Day 
Chapter 3 The plane 
Chapter 4 Dark Begining 
Chapter 5 The roomate
Chapter 6 New home
Chapter 7 Mother 
Chapter 8 Death 
Authors Note! <3 
Chapter 9 White Shizz 
Chapter 10 What am I? 
Chapter 11 Short but Sweet
Authors note 2 ♥ 
Chapter 12 Detective Jhonson 
Chapter 13 The cause
Chapter 14 Dark Past and ansestors Mistakes 
Chapter 15 A plea to be normal 
Chapter 16 Lucky Charms and Sesame Street 
Chapter 17 To tell the Truth 
Chapter 18 Betrayal 
Chapter 19 
Chapter 20 The Reality of Death (You never die)
Authors Note ^,..,^ 
Chapter 21 Of Royal Blood 
Authors note! READ BEFORE CHAPTER 22! 
Chapter 22 (Explicit) The only Woman I love

XxJemanixX XxJemanixX Mar 26, 2012
@sorakun15 @goteamadrian1998 Thank you both, i hope you guys keep reading, vote , and if you like it i hope you fan (:
XxJemanixX XxJemanixX Feb 15, 2012
@SomethingXXWickedXX Im glad you liked it (: And yeah the only thing i can really do to help with that confusion is to Post the POV's on the top like i do.
SomethingXXWickedXX SomethingXXWickedXX Feb 15, 2012
Okay love the story line, it was really good, your writing captures me, The bad thing is when the story changed to the other character, it confused me a little, but other than that I loved it, whats next on your list lol
HeatherMcCorkle HeatherMcCorkle Feb 26, 2011
This is chilling! I love the way you use present tense and first person to ratchet up the tension.
xokatsyox xokatsyox Feb 26, 2011
that was a little hard to stomach but  in the end i felt in her head
XxJemanixX XxJemanixX Jan 20, 2011
@Falling_forever Yeah it creates the charicter and kinda helps build up her fellings