Fallen Angels [Malec]

Fallen Angels [Malec]

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ain't no rest for the wicked By StormofIceandFire Updated 4 days ago

I had wounds,
He had scars,
He called mine warrior marks,
And I called his stars 

Alec snarled at Sebastian clawing at the ground, down on his knees, straining to reach his ex-lover. Sebastian took hold of the shadowhunter's chin and tilted it up with a forceful jerk so that they were staring eye-to-eye.
"Even after all he did, you still are--" Sebastian broke off staring at Alec with something that looked close to sympathy. Sympathy because Alec was just pathetic about Magnus, even after everything. 
Alec spat out a ball of spit conncoted with blood,
"You can bleed me, you can torture me, you can tear me apart, you can beat me, you can kill me,"  Alec paused and looked at Magnus's twitching body and turned back to Sebastian, "But for the love of God, please don't touch him,"

~A Malec Post-COLS fanfiction~

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