Atychiphobia - Darkiplier & Antisepticeye X Reader

Atychiphobia - Darkiplier & Antisepticeye X Reader

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Trash By erebuskun Updated Aug 21

"Why are you hurting me?"

"I want to show you how it feels"

"How what feels?"

"My heart"

Lame description, I know :P
I promise this book will be better than that description.
Please note that English isn't my forte.

!!This is a reader insert, YOU are the main character!!

I've been watching aphmau sense she started super minecraft daily.
Do you like my cookies? They're made just for you... a little bit of sugar, but lots of poison too!
eggheadJade eggheadJade Oct 15
Ahhhh how are we noy friends!?!?  The fact that she was watching MCD made me want to fangirl
After reading about the amnesia:
                              Girl, get your ass up. You're obviously in the Box about to enter the Glade.
Totally_Max Totally_Max Aug 04
*fabulous hair flip* ha dats  right bitch do my job clean dez tablrs
Lol ths just got REALLY confusing. MY name is Zoe irl. And my hair is brown.