Atychiphobia - Darkiplier & Antisepticeye X Reader

Atychiphobia - Darkiplier & Antisepticeye X Reader

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Trash By Minelloe Updated Aug 21, 2016

"Why are you hurting me?"

"I want to show you how it feels"

"How what feels?"

"My heart"

Lame description, I know :P
I promise this book will be better than that description.
Please note that English isn't my forte.

!!This is a reader insert, YOU are the main character!!

Why is he smiling honestly right now? That's a horrible reason to smile. 😂
Zeddlocket Zeddlocket Jun 13
If they went missing I would hope they went away and got married
HEEY CAITLYN!!! Sorry I am not a fan but my friend loves it so I had to.
                              Anyone else have a Travis controlling your mind so you cant not laugh at the word 'it'?
NerdyGamer2004 NerdyGamer2004 6 days ago
I have never understood how people would talk after amnesia.
Septiceyesquad Septiceyesquad a day ago
Wish we could turn back time
                              To the good old days
                              When my mama sang us to sleep but now we're STRESSED ØUT
says the one who's channel is known for being an obnoxiously loud Irishman