Animal Whisperer (Creepypasta X Child!Reader) (On Hold)

Animal Whisperer (Creepypasta X Child!Reader) (On Hold)

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Spirit flame By SpiritFlame0w0 Updated Nov 10, 2016

(Y/N) was a 7 year old that was constantly bullied and abused. At home, she was beat by her drunken dad that blamed her for her mother's death,And in school she has bullied that would never leave her alone, and with that she has no where to run.

She has always loved the wild and goes to the forest that was outside her house, the Slenderwoods. She has heard about the stories there but had nothing to lose so she went there everyday ever since she was 5.

She then knew she had the power to take any animal, so far she has 3 packs of wolfs, 5 foxes and 3 demon bears but  (Y/N) could care less as she still thought that they were cute. She spends her day in the forest after school.

Little did she know she was being watched......

Alert : I may or may not have added a tinge of Undertale .... I'm really really REALLY sorry.... I couldn't help it!!!!!! T^T ~ I'm sowwie.....

khajiit_luvs_elswere khajiit_luvs_elswere Sep 23, 2016
Lol the song ended just as I finished reading this chapter....
thechnoumbreon thechnoumbreon Dec 31, 2016
...on that day slender saw someone dab for the first time ever 😂
timberbloodymoonCP timberbloodymoonCP Dec 07, 2016
Wow I'm awesome but this is so like me there's this bird dog cat and squirrel following me to the bus stop every day I walk up to them they don't run then when I get off the bus they are RIGHT THERE 0.0
franjandar franjandar Oct 03, 2016
                              MARBLE HORNETS
RabbitBeat RabbitBeat Aug 17, 2016
Ok what the duck!! Why are these boy so stupid do the have a death wish....I think so 😈