The Vampire Prince And Me.

The Vampire Prince And Me.

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Dorinda finally happy. She has Lucas and she's getting married. Life going great for her. She has her vampire best friend, Kayla, as her maid of honor. Her werewolf best friend, Cain, is in training to become a guarding or an Alpha to a pack the Rebels changed. 

And she has Lucas, her vampire fiance who she can't wait to marry and start a life with. They been through so much and happy it all paid off.

All Dorinda has to deal with is the paparazzi and the people she's going to be ruling in five months. 

But all the changes when someone who is suppose to be dead for almost two hundred years Angel. 

Xavienna needs help. Princess Sarafina of Gardenia was kidnapped and Xavienna failed to save her. Now, she needs help to get Sarafina back before anyone notices they're both gone. But she wants no one in her world to know so she goes and asked Lucas.

Worse for Dorinda, she's learning all new things about Lucas. She thought she knew his family well, but things are different as they seem. 

It's like one drama after another for Dorinda.

- - - 
Book One Is Called I Owed The Vampire Prince
Second Book Is Called Sweet Silent Night.

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xylivawolfielove xylivawolfielove May 03, 2016
Dear writer I looooooove u so much u have a great imagination this is a greaaaaaat book
dp23flamebabe dp23flamebabe Aug 28, 2015
I cant find the second book..but anyways i wish these books could go to a hundred...i love em
sullenessence sullenessence Jun 04, 2013
finally, I don't think whatever i read was nessesary.
                              Lemme get on to Dorinda
neevacarr neevacarr Mar 30, 2013
What are the first and second book called so I can read them first? Thank you
EscenceWonderland EscenceWonderland Jan 18, 2013
belligerency belligerency Nov 03, 2012
so long as nobody trys to break them up im fine ^^ really loving the beginning this is going to be exciting<33