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No Questions Here (completed)

No Questions Here (completed)

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You Don't Have To By stydiaHAShappened Completed

"Are you really going to go without asking me the question that you've been dying to ask me?"
"Well I'm not.... I haven't been dying to ask anything. I... N-no questions here, for Stiles. Nothing."
It's the classic room mates switcheroo in which case Stiles and Lydia accidentally assume their newest room mate is of the same gender. And everything's fine two minutes in, but three minutes and Lydia automatically knows that good terms is out of the option. Sure he was sarcastic and a dick and she could live with that (having a few snarky comebacks herself). Until he has sex with his girlfriend. When she's literally a room away. Wait. Did I say girlfriend?
"Sweetheart, I don't think you understand. I don't date. And you'll learn that in a couple minutes when the next girl shows up."

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in the shower I be thinking I'm beyonce and guess what- I am
lucas_mayafriar lucas_mayafriar Nov 24, 2016
Best season of teen wolf... Where all the original characters we're alive.. The best season ever... Until Allison died.... I'm still not over that
I think about this occasionally and wish I knew the name. I sang it on sing star once when I was seven and I've been in love ever since
lucas_mayafriar lucas_mayafriar Nov 24, 2016
I feel like on the actual show malia replaced Allison.. Which I'm not okay with even if I love Malia... Allydia was the best and nothing can compare to that
Ok thats creepy i was literally gunna comment how much i loved bfs but apparently ive already done that 😂😂