The Vampires Angel

The Vampires Angel

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WATCH OUT NI🅱️🅱️A By BigNiggaSavesTheDay Updated Jan 20

Micah Rossaline is the Angel of Miracles. Her parents are the king and queen of Havenden making her the princess. Her powers are rare,She can heal animals and see the future.Shes very angelic,beautiful,innocent and kind hearted towards everyone. Shes living a really great life until her parents send her to the dark land  of Shadowmor to stop the king from burning their lands to shreds.

Nathaniel Fredrick is the King of Shadowmor also a Vampire. There are many horrible stories about him,from murdering his parents to slaughtering innocent children and women. They describe him as ruthless,evil,cold,heartless,brutal and unloving. He's never let anyone in his heart,nor has he ever loved or cared about anyone. He has plans to destroy Havenden and take over.

But when he hears that an angel was sent to stop him will he Kill her?
Or Make Her His?

A story about love,hatred and revenge.

On hold(maybe forever until I decide what I should do with it)

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  • chains
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  • heartless
  • innocent
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Cool I have a friend who's name is the same but pronounced as 'My-cah'.
LightHazil LightHazil Feb 18
i gasped really loud when i read this and everyone was looking at me
TheDirtyDress TheDirtyDress Jan 17, 2016
How do you pronounce Micah? 'Meekah' or 'Mycaa' or something else? 
                              Nice work by the way! (:
SANNATB123 SANNATB123 Dec 31, 2015
I like it  :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)$! :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)