Finding Mr. Right

Finding Mr. Right

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Her whole life, Juliet has searched for someone she likes. In kindergarten, she'd simply write 'Secret Admirer'. As an adult, it's not that simple. Every guy she has ever been with has used her and left. While her friend tells her to get revenge on the male population, she is conflicted with her thoughts. She wants to be like in the movies - go for walks on the beach, go for romantic dinners, the whole cliché thing.
A guy a little bit older than her comes along and they begin seeing each other. With her friends persuasion, she also sees another guy. They decide the older guys infatuation with her will be over quickly but they're wrong. When she's with one man, she runs into the other out in public.
They know each other.
This is when secrets are revealed. Who will she choose?
Aside from the men she's seeing, she has other men to deal with. Her and her friend plot revenge pranks against each man that has ever used her.
In the end, will Juliet get what she wants?

WARNING: Mature Content.

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ChristyMiller649 ChristyMiller649 Apr 09, 2016
What the hell she's a bounty hunter that's not a turn off for most men or at least I don't think it would be