Magi - Endless Carpet Ride || Magi Fanfiction (on hold)

Magi - Endless Carpet Ride || Magi Fanfiction (on hold)

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min yoongi's By HanaTheFangirl_ Updated Oct 17, 2016

❝she didn't have a choice. It was fate that pressed such a destiny onto her❞

Zahra, born into the royal family, the first and only princess of the country of Medinah, (adapted from a real place in the middle east) will determine the fate of everyone living upon the surface. She will be the center of the world's great turning point in history.

(Not a Kouen love story,maybe, but it will start of as if it's like that.)

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the original Magi-Labyrinth of magic characters. All I own are my OCs and the plot. I do not own any of the pictures or media shown in this book, even the photo used in the cover. Thank you.

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