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fxxxmate;; my possessive brother ➸ jungkook smut «fxm originals»

fxxxmate;; my possessive brother ➸ jungkook smut «fxm originals»

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KHAI 嘎耶 By somi8x24 Updated Feb 01

❝ He's my brother, he's my secret, he's my mistake. I, Jeon Joohyun, a f*ckmate of my very own abusive and obsessed brother, Jeon Jungkook. ❞

Siblings don't act and like each other like this, do they? Or are they really are siblings?

*WARNING* Contains explicit language, sexual contents and violence.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright. January 2016 © somi8x24

Me during the trailer " if I see another mans a**" 2 seconds later LOORRDD
chickadillo chickadillo Dec 29, 2016
Sometimes i just think to myself what would happen if some idol came across there own smut story that someone has made
If jungkook was my brother and he did that, I'd throw my slippers at'em 👏👏👏
TaehyungsSmileIsLife TaehyungsSmileIsLife Dec 20, 2016
I thought it was pure cute trailer.. but
                              What did I just watched?😶
Cat3403 Cat3403 Oct 02, 2016
At first I didn't understand why you guys were saying this is intense. I was there thinking " Oh this is kind of cute and stuff" BUT THEN THE SECOND PART CAME AND I WAS LIKE "HOLY SHHH" I forgot this is a sexual book 😅😂