New Limits (Barry Allen)

New Limits (Barry Allen)

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Diane Crock has found the home she never had in Starling City. Equipped with all the necessary skills she became the Arrow's sidekick Artemis and by his side has helped him with his crusade to save Starling City.

But when Barry Allen gets struck by lightning and decides to become a hero himself Oliver decides that he will need someone's guidance. And who better than Artemis to do the job, but knowing Barry would refuse the assistance Diane gets a job at S.T.A.R Labs while secretly helping him as Artemis. All she has to do is keep her secret as long as Oliver commands. What Diane doesn't expect is that she will find another family within Team Flash, will she reveal to them the reasons why she's there despite Oliver orders?

[The Flash Season 1]   [Arrow Season 3]

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aright1128 aright1128 Jun 09
Did you make the photo of Artemis on the cover or is it reall cuz it's really cool. Lol
Mdpbelle Mdpbelle Nov 25
The sentence continues so it would be "cameras," one of the security guards said. I'm sorry to point out everything but I'm actually an editor for my school literary magazine so yeah it kind of comes baturally
You're saying similar ALOT Barry.... something you hiding..... or should I say running? Hehehe... yes I'm aware he was struck by the lightning after this...
ashleerae2 ashleerae2 Nov 07
I recently got into this show and I love it. So I'm very happy to see fan fiction about this! Also it would mean so much if you went and checked out my story "Bet Me" thank you :)
is this like real ??? i never thought barry was a nickname 😂
yoyo_1123 yoyo_1123 Nov 28
Is this a reference to Phineas and Ferb? Because it feels like it