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Undertale Lemons

Undertale Lemons

24K Reads 215 Votes 4 Part Story
Let your imagination run wild~! By DreamSans Updated Feb 23, 2016

Go right ahead my dearys kink shame me anyways in this book I will be known as Salden (aka me as a skeleton). But in here I will take request :3 well see all you lemon lovers in here!

Im the opposite of a sugar cube.....
                              IMA LEMON SQUARE.
RainytheKiller RainytheKiller Sep 25, 2016
Omg Salen I am right here Leae me alone Rainy "DEAL WITH ME"
Emma_and_Alex Emma_and_Alex Dec 27, 2016
I am the opposite of a LEMON
lizzie_scribbled lizzie_scribbled Nov 04, 2016
Sans: Where is that g you owe me?
                              Uhhhh...its at grillby's? Yeah.
                              Sans: ..  .I meant the other g.
                              . . . . OH....OHHHHHH.
Ghostlywox Ghostlywox Jan 27
Me( a fox demon, or fox neko): SANS IM HO- 0///0
                              Both: 0///0
                              Sans: oh boy....
                              Me: That's it. I'm not living here anymore. You can paps I left. He won't get anymore cookies and it's all your fault!
                              Sans: please come back Elaine!
                              Me: NOPE! I DONT WANNA LIVE IN THIS SEX HOUSE ANY MORE!
Kitchiikat Kitchiikat Sep 10, 2016
the lemon was actually good dont lose your determination 
                              i think your a great aurtor & illustrator