Ruby's Diary

Ruby's Diary

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Years 1971 & 1972-
The death of Ruby Bell still remains a mystery to this day. No one knows how she died, if it was murder or suicide. The only evidence left behind was her diary kept during this time period. No one can fully understand the horrors and mystery depicted within these pages, they are still being investigated today. This is Ruby's diary. 

((Short horror)) I wrote this story with my own original ideas, the characters, setting & plot belongs to me and therefore cannot be taken or copied in any way shape or form without giving me credit or consulting, if you see someone steal my story or ideas please let me know.

Okay the police are confused?! Of course its the dad! I haven't even read the next chapter and I already know?! I'm in 5th grade!
I agree, he is a bad dad, because he should have not ripped the his son drawing.
If he did that to my drawings I would tie him up in the basement and let him slowly starve to death 
This father is not even apriecate her daughter hard work!i will freaking punch him in the face!
I get the feeling that her dad knows there's some sort of demon or he's going to kill her
GaspingRen GaspingRen Jul 22
Second grade... SEC-OND GRADE!? And she died!?? -packs bags- oh no babeh wah is you doing