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The Gangleader and The Savage

The Gangleader and The Savage

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SighTears By redtaintedtears Updated Jan 22

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Meet Chris Rose Demereź. Chris was not your typical 17 year old senior in high school. 

She was her schools 'bad girl' you can say. She was secluded and barely talked to anyone and no one spoke to her because if they tried, she would just stare blankly and walk away. 

Now she wasn't always like this, no. She used to be the most happiest, energetic, full of life person you could meet. 

But that all changed on her 10th birthday when she was waiting at home with her uncle for her parents to arrive home from the store with her presents. 

But they never came home.

They both died in that store because a stupid immature teenager went in there, killed to worker at the cash register, and stole the money. Of course her dad being the kind man he was, tried to stop the teenager but it only ended up with the teenager to shoot three innocent people and get caught anyways.

For the past seven and a half years she has lived with her uncle. He has taught her everything she knows about fighting and weapons. 

And now she is the infamous 'Savage' the undefeated streetfighter. 

But what happens when she has lost her last and only family member she had left to a car crash and moves to a town in California?


Meet Adam Xavier King. Being 18 years old, and starting his last year in highschool, Adam was known for being the leader of the bad boys at his school, and also for being the most deadliest, dangerous, and feared Gangleader in the country.

He has a dark past, a past he doesn't wish on his most hated enemy.

He has done terrible things to get to the top, and he will never let anyone take it from him.


So what happens when these two meet for the third time when Chris takes 'his' parking spot when she arrived at her new high school?

Will they fall in love or hate each other for eternity?

CharlieBuns CharlieBuns Jun 09, 2016
I find that funny cause the miss Phillips from my school is the only teacher I hate
musegirl55 musegirl55 Sep 07, 2016
Good then sam and dean wouldn't have to deal with an angry sprit
Poupel Poupel May 25, 2016
I like that the story seemed a little cliché but you wrote the first chapter really well and I feel i'll like it
shani_leigh shani_leigh Jan 01, 2016
This book has started off well. The plot already intrigues me. You are a good writer and I love her character already and look forward to more chapters and how you add new characters as the book progresses.