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I AM By pringMICKEYles Completed

Leo Jyra..is a beautiful and flawless girl.. but yeah, she have a high dignity which she won't talk a lot with guys..because for her..she must save herself from being played with all those crocodiles. But what if, there is a guy, which is very handsome and everyone could melt with him, try to make her talk with him..what will happen if someone have steal her heart? Let's see if she could afford it..

While...on the other side..

kim Taehyung.. is a kingka at the school..he is a hot guy in the school.. and he likes to tease Leo Jyra..but when she fight back..his hates upon Leo Jyra become stronger..he don't like a girl like leo jyra..i mean a girl who didn't treat him well just like what the other girls do..

so what will happen if they are meant to be a husband and wife because of an arrange marriage? Will they get divorce? Or they don't even get marry tho? Or they will become a cute couple of husband and wife?

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Every time o see byuntae I think it's someone shipping baekhyun with Tae. Idk. International fan here OFCOURSE
ranshibuki1001 ranshibuki1001 Jun 28, 2016
im still fangirling the fact that taehyung is wearing baekhyun's shirt
                              stylist noona has guud taste
btsarmysocutie btsarmysocutie Oct 21, 2016
the laughing queen is here guys. i'm laughing so hard right now!!!!!!!!! what scared of ghost?