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The Gang Leader Wants Me

The Gang Leader Wants Me

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Futurewriter161 By Futurewriter161 Completed

Sarah Vitally is a normal, sassy, not so much troubled but she likes to cause trouble. The Snakes are the biggest gang in the big city where Sarah lives. Sarah is half Italian as you can tell by her name. The Snakes are highly respected and the gang leader is highly feared in the city. Sarah works for her own money, her being eighteen. So when the gang leader and two gang leaders show up at the diner she works at, she is hardly phased while everyone around her looks at the three men in respect and fear. Sarah speaks to them harshly and is not afraid of them. Instead of the members following their reputation, killing people who disrespect on the spot. The leader takes interest in Sarah. And he wants her and her sassy attitude. Will Sarah want him too? Or will she try to walk away. But this is a gang leader people. And he will not give up on what he wants too easily.

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