If Only i Could⇨Seventeen Wonwoo

If Only i Could⇨Seventeen Wonwoo

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Kim Hyejin was just a lonely person who hates boys to be friends with her except for his brother's friend, a kind guy and someone who she really fall in love with.

And that someone who just transfer school, Jeon Wonwoo. And he tried his best to protected her.

"We're must be fate to be together"

"Maybe" you shrugged.

But for her this life became complicated and she admit many things will tried to destroy herself from bejng with him


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[Don't copy guys. This all came from my brain. If something same with your books, i'm sorry i didn't copy yours. You don't have to read it if you didn't like my horrible english]



-mrsmochi -mrsmochi Jul 11
Is dis like a Mansae reference where Wonu stares at the camera which makes it looks like he is staring at your soul making you go lalalallala(k that was supposed to be a BTS reference but nvm, ik i berry lame)
Yeah, so beautiful you might as well be talking about Jeonghan