You're My Jagi || Jeon Jungkook x Reader

You're My Jagi || Jeon Jungkook x Reader

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Work Of Art By _Jimochiii Completed

You were Jungkook's girlfriend in highschool until now. You went to his house after you went your parents house, you saw upstairs the door open a little.

You peek inside the room as you saw him kissing with another girl and do dirty things. You cried and kill yourself with a knife. He was shouting at you.

Sooner or later, you become his girlfriend again because he had change himself.

Genre: Fluff, Romantic, Fun
♥A lil bit of how many angles♥

HVTamTam HVTamTam Jul 21
Wtf?! I told you tipical chesting scenarios girl!! Don't you watch kdramas or maybe even read rance book?
HVTamTam HVTamTam Jul 21
Lol I was jusy joking at my commeny before this she really get a knife!!!
salty-jjk salty-jjk Jul 24
Forgot it was a Jungkook FF. I thought it was Jimin😂😂😂
HVTamTam HVTamTam Jul 21
Please don't let me see him doing something with a girl please please!!
Alright I can date 2 people right V is cool with it right Wait make that 3... tae... tae is 👌
Would hate to cheat on the rest of Bangtan but.... Alright. 🙃