Perfect and Pathetic

Perfect and Pathetic

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Sarah Harrington is probably the definition of 'Pathetic'. She lives alone in her family house with more than enough pocket money to buy a shopping center. But rarely use it. School president of  a top private school for rich and famous, and is friends with different species; The cool sass queen and The annoying party animal.  

She spends most of her time hibernating- watch movies, tv shows, read books and maybe eating, and probably fangirling over Benedict Cumberbatch way too much.  

But, her life turns upside down after her parents announced that she got married to; Eaton Lancaster. AKA the most popular, the smartest, the hottest boy in her school.   

He is definition of 'Perfect'.  

Both of them were childhood friends but an incident caused her to forget everything in her past. That involves Eaton's secrets.  

Secrets that can maybe make Eaton not 'Perfect' anymore.  


He is perfect. She is pathetic. Life isn't easy. So are them.  

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asronan asronan Jun 14, 2013
@LizM722 I actually gonna start this story after I finish my fan fiction. Thanks for the comment. I'm very pleased :)
LizMack LizMack Jun 13, 2013
I just wanted to say that this sounds like a really good story idea. Please continue to write i'm really curious! I'm gonna go ahead and add this to my library!