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죽음 By WallflowerNovak Completed

Stiles Stilinski now has 99 problems, and dealing with assholes are 110 of them. 

[Book #1 of the Blue Neighbourhood series]

~Cover made by @laneboyclifford ~

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Queen_Angge_22 Queen_Angge_22 Jun 20, 2017
You didn't even noticed that he's been bullied and depressed what a friend you are.
hamburger711 hamburger711 Jul 12, 2017
I thought of the song Monsters by Ruelle cuz it says, "Monsters stuck in your head."
betina_niftycat betina_niftycat Jul 07, 2017
Don't fear queer is here 
                              Pls no one take that as offensive I'm begging you
SnowWolfi04 SnowWolfi04 Mar 21
I did this once except I got stuck between my nightstand and my bed.
stylxesgrunge stylxesgrunge Jul 15, 2017
I actually did this, this morning trying to get out of the water bed and I was still stuck into the sheet. Which the side I sleep on is near the walk to I slapped the wall and then hit the floor. Which made everything worse because I can't see😂 and I needed my glasses
SnowWolfi04 SnowWolfi04 Mar 21
You wanna talk about friends?
                              *loads sniper rifle*
                              Say hello to mine.