Undertale X Reader LEMONS

Undertale X Reader LEMONS

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Fabulous By Magicpixiewolves Updated Feb 21, 2016

Oh my! Skeletons, flowers and fish people? This is the place reader-chan will get a bit more than friendly with the monsters of undertale. 

The lemon book, pairing up with my non-lemon oneshot book. 

Contains adult content, be warned.

Course. The "Nyeheheh" is everything 
                              Without it you'd forget this is Papyrus
Alphys chan,did you give papy chan hentai,or did papy chan find out on wiki
Me:*face palms* reader chan will stay a virgin,a very dirty virgin
                              Dep:and I'm her little doll to change places with her when she wants to read lemons but she wants to come off as innocent
                              Me:*puts on 3d glasses and takes out popcorn* reader chan want the show to begin
Reader chan likes to pretend that reader chan and dep chan are short,but reader chan is tall irl
Me:*keeps eating popcorn and watches*
                              Dep:*mouths* wtf do you do this to me for
Me:*has dep take total control of the body and floats away* sans chan can't touch me now bitch