Undertale X Reader LEMONS

Undertale X Reader LEMONS

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Fabulous By Magicpixiewolves Updated Feb 21, 2016

Oh my! Skeletons, flowers and fish people? This is the place reader-chan will get a bit more than friendly with the monsters of undertale. 

The lemon book, pairing up with my non-lemon oneshot book. 

Contains adult content, be warned.

Hey! He was the one who wanted to get down and dirty. I mean we were on the floor so.
TheFriendlyGhostGurl TheFriendlyGhostGurl Dec 31, 2016
Can you imagine the baby that would be made? Like is the kid gonna be normal human, a skeleton, or mix of the two?
My comments aren't showing up. But I really think that the creator was turned on by this.
GoldenSanspai GoldenSanspai Dec 05, 2016
*Megalovania intensifies* Undyne you will be dead when I find you
Alphys: *Pictures drop and it's sexy anime shiat*...Its called Hentai, and it's art.
GirlDragonKiller GirlDragonKiller Jan 22, 2016
Flowey x reader............? I never saw everyone do it before so why not ;-;