Rejected By My Brothers

Rejected By My Brothers

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sheri16 By sheri16 Updated Nov 22

I never understood why my father always looked at me the way he did or why my brothers treated me like a piece of gum stuck to their shoe,

Maybe it was because I was not popular or just didn't act the way they wanted me too or even because I was a girl, 

My brothers always tell me, dad never wanted to have a girl and I was nothing but trash to them and the pack 

So I gave them the thing the wished for since the day of my birth. . .


Lucy Weston, was not the most popular or liked in her pack or even her family and after years of being pushed around by her five older brother, she cannot take it anymore and gives them the only thing they have been wishing for the past eighteen years.

Read to find out her journey!!


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Jodykay34 Jodykay34 Sep 19
so I don't know family of nothing but boys all the way back to her father generation I look like all they have is boys so she's the only girl and this is how they treat her what the hell I thought they would have attacked them or because she's a girl
I am the only girl and the youngest of 3 boys and my brothers would never treat me this bad they may play around but never hurt me and it's no because I'm a trained fighter
day_day0117 day_day0117 Aug 01
That's is when I would have broken that door down and replaced the head that's up his butt with my foot
readioca readioca Sep 21
Lol ok so right now I'm listening to treat you better but this is the complete opposite
AvocadoAndJo AvocadoAndJo 6 days ago
I don't know if I'm angry or sad at the moment. I'm confused!
ChloeWelsh7 ChloeWelsh7 Aug 30
I'm crying. If my brothers (all 7 of them) treated me like that I would be idefk.