The Jock and The Emo Boyxboy  (Being Edited)

The Jock and The Emo Boyxboy (Being Edited)

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Morgan By XxDinkyxX Completed

Liam the stereo typical emo. Beau the typical jock. Both so different. One a single parent home with few friends. The other rich family loved by all. But they have one thing in common. They love each other. Can they stay together when one has to hide himself from the world?

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Alois_Claude Alois_Claude Jul 26, 2017
My "Dad" fused over whether or not it was another way to seek attention
ParaPotterGirl ParaPotterGirl Oct 12, 2014
Me too!! I hate it!! But I'm like 5 inches shorter than her soo... Yeah. And I'm violent too if you p1ss me off.
TenshiAkuma9 TenshiAkuma9 Aug 12, 2014
hey its me and my mom XD (yes I'm les and had this talk and the same thought when i told her went through my head)
immortaleka immortaleka Jul 17, 2014
Wait. Are you telling us the whole story before the story begins?
42_Reasons 42_Reasons Mar 02, 2014
Lol. Just saying. I can totally imagine this guy and his reaction. XD
Immune_To_Sarcasm Immune_To_Sarcasm Sep 30, 2012
I like it how he calls him "sperm donter" instead a father. You can easily see the hatred he has for his father and still doesn't forgive him... It's kinda sad tho:,( but his father was a douche nugget...he deserve to be referred to as "sperm doner