Madison and Zach have been best friends forever. They've always been together. But that changes when Maddie is diagnosed with a brain tumor. She asks something impossible of Zach. Will he be able to grant her her last wish, when it just might kill him to do it? Beware, this is a tear-jerker.
i never cry at stuff but this had me crying since the beginning. and listening to the song "Goodbye" by Avril Lavinge made it worse. great job on this story
I am legitimately crying right now! I'm siting on my bed with my iPod and a box of tissues!!! It!!
omg I am like totally crying right now!!! it was awesome though and sweet
I don't have words to describe how i feel......... I love the last line that u wrote... This is the best short story ever.... :)
Its amazing. Do you have any similiar ones to recommend? I teared at the ending. I love it. So, real.
@chickachickayeahh Wow, thank you so much :) I'm so happy that you enjoyed it, (but I do apologize for the tears) 
                                    Love Micky :)