When We Sleep...

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Micky :) By Mickyx101 Completed
Madison and Zach have been best friends forever. They've always been together. But that changes when Maddie is diagnosed with a brain tumor. She asks something impossible of Zach. Will he be able to grant her her last wish, when it just might kill him to do it? Beware, this is a tear-jerker.
i never cry at stuff but this had me crying since the beginning. and listening to the song "Goodbye" by Avril Lavinge made it worse. great job on this story
I am legitimately crying right now! I'm siting on my bed with my iPod and a box of tissues!!! It just.....so.......SAD!!
omg I am like totally crying right now!!! it was awesome though and sweet
I don't have words to describe how i feel......... I love the last line that u wrote... This is the best short story ever.... :)
Its amazing. Do you have any similiar ones to recommend? I teared at the ending. I love it. So, real.
it takes so much for me to cry, yet this story has be bawling my eyes out. 
                                    this is my absolute favorite story now.
                                    all because you succeeded in making me cry.