It Started With a Hello (Laurance X Reader)

It Started With a Hello (Laurance X Reader)

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caterlink By caterlink Updated Nov 30, 2016

It's your first day at a new school.Your a bit happy for a fresh start since all your friends betrayed you and used you.Because of the pain they caused you,you are now anti-social and socially awkward.But a new school means a new beginning.

While walking to the office to pick up your schedule,you bump into someone.

"Sorry" you hear a male voice say as you look up.
"You must be new,lets start off with introductions" he says as he helps you up.
"Hello,my name is Laurence"he smiles at you.
"Hi,I'm y/n"

Little did they know that that simple introduction could led to much more.

starco_ladynoir starco_ladynoir 7 days ago
First Name:Melissa
                              Last Name:Lopez
                              Favorite Color:Pino
                              Second Favorite Color:Purple
                              Third Favorite Color:Blue
                              Hair Color: Brown and Blonde
                              Hair Length:Kinda Short
                              Eye Color:Brown
ZenixCelty ZenixCelty May 12
                              need friends. big disappointment.
Oh man i feel like this is my real life last year not this year last year my best friend betrayed me! 😔
i hate science too
                              but then irl on fridays we get to do projects sometimes... some.times.
                              Blonde with purple highlights
                              Midnight blue
I'm going threw they friends betray you stage and I'm only 10 so yeah but I'm glad cuz I'm moveing before November