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Flirt #WATTYS2017

Flirt #WATTYS2017

14.4K Reads 624 Votes 12 Part Story
Madame Procrastinate By whyechnut Updated Jun 16

"I just saved your life, bookworm." The troublemaker said, a mischievous grin plastered on his heavily pierced face. His red eyes looked at her. She stared back; with shock. "A-Are you okay?" She asked, scrambling to her knees. He waved his hand and picked up one of her fallen books. "Your name's Levy, right? Levy McGarden?" He asked. She nodded, reaching for the book. 

"The notorious bookworm of Fairy High." He chuckled. Levy blushed. "Hey. You're not any better. Gajeel Redfox, notorious rule breaker of Fairy High." She narrowed her eyes. Gajeel grinned. "That's my label at that school?" He stood and brushed his khaki pants off then extended his hand to her. 

"You owe me big time- McGarden." 


"Be my girlfriend."

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail belongs to it's rightful owner, Hiro Mashima. I don't own anything in this book besides the story. 

Cover Art: @rboz from tumblr

©Whyechnut 2015

Gajeel has a body part Levy wants to touch that's made of steel(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The one the only love of your life drum roll please Gajeel Redfox!!!!
Wildlover76 Wildlover76 Apr 10
I read fastest as fatest so I read this 'Jet the fatest dude in the track team...' I'm dead
Jtblake Jtblake Nov 01, 2016
Yes Gajeel follow someone home and act like it's just boyfriend stuff
Andromeda_Crosland Andromeda_Crosland Dec 23, 2016
Hey she never said yes... 
                              But to be fair she never said no either... I'm confused!😭
elizajulille elizajulille Nov 19, 2016
He's totally had a mega crush on her for a while and was following her around and that's how he managed to save her and he usually stalks her anyway so finding her house was no problem.