The thug she wanted

The thug she wanted

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Chapter 1

-Carmen Nisco P.O.V.

It was a Friday. And I was so ready to go home. I was tired of going to school. Good thing it was almost summer and I was a senior about to graduate. My parents would've been proud of me. As I thought of them I smiled. I was an straight A student and made it all the way to my senior year. I might of not always did what I was supposed to do but what teenager did? My parents had been killed by a drunk driver. Ever time I think about it made me want to cry. I fought back tha tears as they threated to fall. I was so relieved when tha end of tha day bell rang. I rushed outta class and looked for my group of friends. Nathan, Tasha, Chris, Christelle, and Amy. We had all grew up together. And not that well choosed this but by surprise we were all mixed wit black. Chris and Christelle were twins with sandy brown hair and big brown eyes. Nathan and Tasha were cousins wit dark brown short hair...

    rookiesmurf rookiesmurf Sep 17, 2014
    her body aint healty enough to be having no children anyway that babe either gon have a birth defect or something she might have a miscarriage or not evenbe pregnant at all
    girl_sneakerhead girl_sneakerhead Aug 26, 2014
    @VirginiaLogan Yea ik. lol but that's all apart of evolving as a writer. Plus im tryna work on better books.
    VirginiaLogan VirginiaLogan Aug 26, 2014
    @girl_sneakerhead  I appreciate you taking it as constructive criticism not alot of people do on here
    girl_sneakerhead girl_sneakerhead Aug 24, 2014
    @VirginiaLogan Yea ik. I should probably get someone to edited them for me.
    CourtneyWilliams801 CourtneyWilliams801 Dec 12, 2013
    jay could put her in rehab and help her get her daughter back