You Promised 『 jikook 』 + 【 editing 】

You Promised 『 jikook 』 + 【 editing 】

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【 kingky 】 By jiminsidekookie Completed

Park Jimin suffers from severe depression, anxiety, and unrequited love for his best friend, Jeon Jungkook. The latter is straight and has a lover. Jimin does not only self-harm and loathe himself because of Jungkook. He wants to die for so many reasons. And the funny thing is that even if Jungkook is one of those reasons why Jimin wants to die, he's also the only reason why he's still alive.

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Started: 2015 | Finished: 2017

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em34namjoon em34namjoon Feb 15
This is kinda weird cause now I'm picturing myself as the girl😂 for clarification my names Emma😂
I like sad endings from time to time...
                              It reflects the 🎵STORY OF MY LIIiiIiiIiIiIiFfE🎵
AbyPark4 AbyPark4 Mar 19
oh rip that's something I am good at but I will try not to xD
chimpotato_ chimpotato_ Feb 28
Oohhh okay. Do I need tissues? I think I do. I read a lot of depressing thingys, it makes me cry. But I also love it.😂😂
chimpotato_ chimpotato_ Feb 28
Emma... you’re in the wrong fairy tale story, man. You’re supposed to be with Killian (Hook). Not Jungkook.
Lynxaia Lynxaia Mar 22
YASSS THIS STORY SEENS (i was gonna say sounds good but i mean i cant hear it so) GOOD IM GONNA READ IT SO FAST