Dark Times | H.S

Dark Times | H.S

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Delilah E. By musicnotes Updated 2 days ago

I stood there waiting for Harry to attack, but instead he unexpectedly threw the bat aside, and grabbed the back of my head, uniting his lips with mine.


When agent Katerina Wild is hired to kill the most vicious criminal of the time, she meets the notoriously dangerous and attractive leader Harry Styles, let's just say more than bullets fly.

* * * 

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   This story contains scenes of swearing, sex, and violence.

auggie1D auggie1D Aug 21
For those who don't get it, "angelo" is Italian for "Angel" and "angioletto" is Italian for what I'm assuming is "little angel"
this is the first time in a book i actually understand the languages ahah
hastagraura hastagraura Jun 04
Excited? My ass. SOMEBODY GIVE ME A BETTER WORD FOR EXCITED. i'm ....EXCITEDER. sorry the best i could find. y brain isn't working currently
hope_moore hope_moore Dec 21, 2016
That's so crazy... I'm writing a fanfic right now (well creating one) where the main character is Italian. Guess this is a confirmation, haha!